Leb’s All-Night Cafe has closed its doors, for lack of customers.

There’s sadness that such a promising enterprise with a fine menu has failed to create enough interest to justify the time and energy it takes to keep things going. Leb, the counterman, has taken other work, though he harbors some bitterness about the ‘regulars’ he counted on that never really showed up regularly (if at all), contributing their wit and sparkling discourse about issues he had expected would attract their attention. Of course, that’s his problem, not theirs, and I’ve counseled him to forget it and move on.

Then there are the stalwarts who in effect became real regulars and shared plenty of their thoughts and passion for ideas and issues of consequence. I’ll give them the same counsel. Forget it and move on. They got out of their visits what they put in, which I imagine was worth their effort. I personally hope so, as they have my gratitude and respect.

It will still be possible to look through the windows and re-read old comments and responses. But there’ll be no one to sift through and post any new comments or update TODAY’S SPECIALS.

Thanks to all who were part of Leb’s All-Night Cafe. Hope to cross paths with you again….

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